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by Maddie Drallmeier With January comes a new year and a time where many are setting New Year’s resolutions! However, many forgo their resolutions rather quickly! Why? Many people do not make SMART goals! SMART is an acronym that is helpful when setting goals: –       S  = Specific: Come up with a specific goal that you want to achieve this year! Define…

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Marie’s Fitness Journey to the LA Marathon

My Journey to the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon I love to run.  Running has been a major part of my life for the last fifteen years.  I began running when I was 22 to lose weight.  I not only lost weight but I found myself and a passion for running that has not subsided.  Through all life’s ups and…

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My Fitness Journey: Maggie Maier

My name is Maggie Maier and I am part of the front desk team at Imagine. This is my fitness journey: Growing up with an active family, sports and fitness have been a way of life. I tried my hand at all different activities, but I was particularly intrigued by figure skating and the challenge of new skills as…

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