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Intentional Change – Part 2 – Focus

By February 24, 2022No Comments

Last month we introduced a discussion of change and talked about two aspects of change, the first being yogi aspect.  We follow up this month with the narrative aspect,  what we tell ourselves.

For many of us, the inner dialogue is habitual thoughts, thoughts that might serve us and some thoughts that do not. For those that do not serve us, kindly let them go. For habit shift and change to occur, we can rewrite our personal narrative.  What is so compelling about directing change from a narrative view is that it is a constantly evolving story; it grows with you, maybe needing some rewrites and revisions along the way.

You are the agent of change as opposed to letting change happen to you. It can be a powerful way to create growth, but make sure it’s still coming from an honest place, the place of satya. Moreover, these narratives can be shared to help find outside encouragement. From these stories, we may have reflections that motivate us, but we can add to these and imagine and visualize the future, the new possibilities that help us to see what change is possible. And for many of us, this visual imagery, the illustrations to our personal narratives, can serve us well during times of change, adapting with the twists and turns that makes us human.