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Cross training is a strategy that involves varying your workouts with different types of exercise and movement. And, yes, you should be doing it!

Benefits of Cross Training:

Cross training is a great way to challenge your body to move differently, strengthen different muscle groups, reduce injury, and even prevent boredom with your workouts. Our bodies become efficient at performing the same exercise or movement after a month or two – and in some cases, sooner than that.

Cross training is essential for your body to reach optimal performance while reducing your risk of injuries from overuse.

How to get started:

Review your workouts. Are you incorporating strength training? Flexibility training? Core/balance training? Cardiovascular training? If your answer to any of those questions is ‘no’, then you can benefit cross training. Imagine is full of cardiovascular machines that you can use to improve your heart and lung health, all the machines and strength training equipment to move and use your muscles differently.

Also, check out the full schedule of exercise classes. You can choose from cardio-based classes, strength-based classes, and core/balance-based classes.  And our full yoga schedule offers a variety of yoga styles to balance out your program with continued strength and balance.  Have you tried Tai Chi or Pilates yet?  More great options to diversity your fitness routine.

Have fun and challenge yourself!