Strength & Fitness Classes

At Imagine Fitness & Yoga we focus on training the whole body. Our trainers specialize in the development of strength, flexibility and balance. In addition to personal training, we offer circuit training and cycling classes with instructors focused on your personal needs within a small group session.

cycling and circuit training
Cycling & Circuit

Our cycling classes are an invigorating way to enhance your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Cycling is gentle on the joints but still provides a great workout. Instructors will guide you while you pedal at various resistance levels and cadences. The class is integrated with strength training off the bikes.

Strength Training

Our circuit training methods are rooted in functional training. Functional training means that we target our classes to increase your strength and effectiveness in your daily activities. Not only will you get stronger, you will feel better too!

Circuit training classes will help increase your strength, balance and conditioning from head to toe. Our instructors incorporate body weight, free weight, machine-based and cardio equipment exercises into training classes that are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

strength and balance
Tai Chi class
Tai Chi

A “moving meditation” that started in ancient China as a form of self-defense. Today, it is practiced for its health benefits. Poses are used to activate the muscles and initiate a gentle stretch while a continuous flow is maintained. Tai Chi is soothing to the mind and body.