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2021: A Hopeful New Year for Imagine

By December 29, 2020No Comments

2020 was a challenging year for all of us.

It was stressful dealing with so much uncertainty. Coping with all the risk, all the illness, all the death. At times it was scary, emotionally draining, and exhausting.

But as we enter a new year, it’s helpful to remember all the things we still have to be thankful for. As my sister says, at least we have food and shelter, and, hopefully, we are safe.

At Imagine, we are especially thankful for our supportive community. Many of you maintained your membership, enabling us to continue operating. Sure, we missed people’s presence in classes, and the energy we convey to one another. But just knowing you had our backs, sharing a love of life and fitness—even via Zoom—meant so much to us.

In fact, if I were to pick the person who played the most crucial role in re-inventing Imagine during 2020, it would have to be Jackie. I had never even heard of Zoom before Jackie introduced it to our community. But holding our virtual sessions allowed us to stay connected and be creative even in the midst of the pandemic.

We were creative in other ways too. I’m especially proud of the few workouts I held outdoors at Saginaw Forest. Those who took part loved it.

It’s been a long year, but we made it. And I know 2021 will be better. We appreciate your perseverance and support, and look forward to facing our challenges together.


John Farah