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Staying Healthy and Sane with Tai Chi – John Farah’s Corner, April 2020

By April 6, 2020No Comments

Today, a friend sent me a link to a new rendition of the classic song “Staying Alive”—except now we’re all supposed to “Stay Inside.” (click and listen to Stay Inside) And of course take all necessary precautions to avoid the Coronavirus.

The virus has impacted our days and our lives in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

There’s no one way to deal with staying at home in isolation. Facetiming with friends and family, going for walks outside—it’s all important. But Tai Chi can be an essential arrow in the quiver of things you do to stay healthy and sane at home. It’s stimulating for both our mind and our body, and best of all you don’t need any equipment to do it.

Diane Evans teaches Tai Chi at Imagine, and if you’re a beginner she has a fantastic YouTube video to get you started at home. Longtime Imagine member Rich Field has been learning and practicing under Diane for three years now, and it’s had a huge benefit for him:

My progress has been slow, but that’s okay. Tai Chi is a true workout for your mind and body, and it takes time for your being to create new pathways of thought and movement. Diane’s patience and kindness have kept me motivated, and her steady encouragement made me feel that anything is possible!

Tai Chi is series of continuous, low-impact, slow-motion exercises that activate and gently stretch the muscles. It can help you maintain or restore muscle mass. It can make you feel stronger, more energetic, and improve your balance.

Most important during these difficult times, Tai Chi helps maintain our mental acuity. It’s almost like a choreographed dance. You have to focus on getting each move right, on flowing from one position to another, which keeps you alert and engaged.

Give Diane’s video for beginners a try. I’m sure that just like Rich, you’ll be a quick convert to the joy of Tai Chi. Who knows? If we get enough interest, maybe we’ll even organize some live online Zoom classes to help us feel a sense of community I know we all miss.

Stay safe and stay healthy.