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Most of you know who Nelson and I are, or maybe you think you know.

Nelson is the wise one, he has advice for everyone. Me, I’m the one who follows that advice – well, 10% of it anyway. But even that 10% is worth it.

Here is some advice that’s not from Nelson, but he likes it anyway.

I was reading the New York Times recently and, guess what, experts found that if you exercise moderately for 150 minutes a week or more vigorously for 75 minutes a week you reduce your risk of dying from any cause – this includes heart disease, cancer and more – by a whopping 30%.

Thirty percent. Can you believe it?

They came to this conclusion by scrutinizing approximately 65,000 health questionnaires completed by both males and females.

So, if you exercise – regardless of whether you run, do yoga, or lift weights – you can reduce your risk of dying by 30%. That is huge.

And that is why Imagine is here for you, so you can not only live longer, but also live better.

It’s a brand-new year, come on over and get started living.

-John Farah