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Each month Imagine will be hosting a class on a different topic, with a different instructor for your continued learning in 2017!

Check out all of the amazing topics below. Give us a call 734-622-8119 to sign up! Attend all 10 classes for only $100, 6 for $72 or drop in to any class for $20.

All classes will be held at Imagine Fitness & Yoga from 7:00 – 8:00pm

(Updated Schedule with changes and NEW Topics!)


February 21 – Recap and Restock: Jackie Farah & Natalie Peterson

In 2016, Imagine Fitness and Yoga introduced Nutrition Workshops; each month focusing on a new topic covering a broad base of facts and tips for healthy living.  In this session, we will recap facts and tips on the topics of Grains, Vitamins and Minerals, Herbs & Spices, Fruits & Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds and Sugars.  Based on these topics, recommendations on how to best stock the pantry for cooking throughout the year will be made.

April 17 **New Date** Yoga for Arthritis: Wendy Dolen
Yoga is a gentle and safe way to manage arthritis. Participants in this workshop will learn how to implement Yoga into their lifestyle in order to alleviate pain and joint stiffness. In addition to the physical benefits, Yoga also aids in increasing overall wellbeing by reducing the stress and frustration that can arise from living in chronic pain.

Learn postures specifically healing to your body in order to manage your arthritis. Props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters will be used in order to achieve comfort in each pose that you learn.  No experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.

April  27 – Diet & Exercise Together – The Best Combination for You: Jackie Farah & Natalie Peterson

A great expression you often hear around Imagine is “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”.  Similarly, you won’t see weight benefits by just exercising.  What’s the right combination for you?  How much should you work out each week?  How can you modify your diet to see results?  If you’re exercising more, should you eat more?  More of what?  In this workshop we discuss finding the right balance, the right foods, and the right program just for you!

May 23 **New Date and Topic**– Yoga for Back Care Part 1: Sam Lieberman

Back pain is one of the most common causes of discomfort in the body. Yoga can help you not only alleviate pain but to avoid it all together. Learn safe and effective postures to help you during times you are experiencing pain as well as preventative postures to increase the health and wellness of your entire body.

Maintaining the health and flexibility of your spine through Yoga is something that every person can benefit from. No experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.

June 22 – Plant based diets – The why and what behind all the hype: Jackie Farah & Natalie Peterson

Numerous scholarly articles cite the benefits of a plant based diet focused on lots of fruits and veggies.  We often hear of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  How does one start with a plant based diet? Will you feel “full” enough?  Where do you get the proteins?  What exactly are the health benefits?  Come explore the variations you can incorporate into your diet for a more healthy plate.

July 27 – Tai Chi for Recovery and Wellness: Diane Evans 

Tai Chi has proven to reduce stress, improve balance, focus, memory and concentration and increase strength, flexibility and overall well-being.  The movements of Tai Chi are performed in a slow, gentle manner igniting your inner strength which empowers the mind and body.

Join us for this workshop where you can learn about how to implement this “moving meditation” into your life in a non competitive and welcoming environment. No experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.

Aug 24 **New Topic** Mobility, Balance, and Posture Alignment: Natalie Peterson

This hands on workshop will cover the important aspects of mobility, balance and postural alignment.

Mobility refers to the ability to move your joints through a proper range of motion with control in order to prevent injury, strengthen joints and improve strength. You will learn quick and effective mobility exercises to implement into your daily routine or workout warm up.

Balance is critical for every person to maintain in order to avoid injury. You will learn safe and effective exercise to improve and maintain balance in order to avoid falls.

Correct postural alignment ensures that your bones and joints are kept in optimal position, making sure that your body is working effectively and efficiently. You will learn important exercises to improve your overall posture.

By improving postural alignment, you will decrease pain, increase circulation and digestion and improve the overall quality of your breathing. No experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.


September 28 – Yoga for Back Care Part II: Sam Lieberman

As an extended class from our May, Yoga for Back Care class, continue learning safe and effective postures to help you during times of pain.  These preventative postures will increase the health and wellness of your entire body.

Maintaining the health and flexibility of your spine through Yoga is something that every person can benefit from. No experience or previous class attendance is necessary; all levels are welcome.

Oct 26 – Meal Planning For A Week: Jackie Farah & Natalie Peterson

Now that all the pieces are in place for what we can do to modify our diets from various perspectives, how can one plan a week of meals?  What are some tips for budgets?  We’ll share shopping lists, menus and recipes, and even leftover suggestions!

November 16th – Thai Yoga Massage: Benefits and Demo: Joyce Brown
Thai Yoga Massage is a unique practice that combines rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses and meditation. During this practice the healing energies of the body are stimulated and blocked areas are opened balancing mind, body and spirit.

During this workshop postures will be demonstrated and then given with guidance. Each participant will learn to give Thai Yoga massage as well as receive a massage. No experience is necessary; all levels are welcome.

Dec 28 – FEAST!

Let’s eat – our treat!