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My name is Maggie Maier and I am part of the front desk team at Imagine. This is my fitness journey:

Growing up with an active family, sports and fitness have been a way of life. I tried my hand at all different activities, but I was particularly intrigued by figure skating and the challenge of new skills as I moved up through the Basic Skills and then on to private lessons to work my way up to different levels. What really drew me in was synchronized skating, I loved the team aspect of the sport. When it came time to pick between skating and softball, I chose to focus on synchronized skating and am thankful for the world of opportunities the sport has provided me. While I skated at an elite level throughout high school I grew a lot as an athlete and individual, but it wasn’t until college that I was able to piece together all the habits that help to make up a healthy lifestyle.

In school, I had the unique opportunity of skating on one of the best synchronized skating teams in the nation, while representing Miami University as a varsity athlete. Aside from the rink, I spent my time in the classroom studying Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition. One of the main things I loved was the applicability of the concepts I was studying. My body awareness, on the ice and in the weight room, increased exponentially while I was taking Anatomy & Physiology courses, and I would use my personal experiences to help when studying for Physics or Biomechanics. Nutrition was a major factor in fueling properly for my own activities and I enjoyed enhancing my knowledge through the courses I took. A particular favorite being a Food Science & Meal Management course. I came away with a binder full of recipes and a better understanding of how different foods affect the body.

Whether it is through experiments in the lab, research in the surrounding community, or my own health and fitness habits, I have been fully immersed in the field and excited to share. Just ask my friends and family, they’ve always been the first to hear about my newest findings or to try my own concoctions in the kitchen. I’m excited to continue sharing my passion for health and fitness, and to keep learning more!
Currently, I’m in a bit of a transition stage. Since graduation in the spring, I’ve moved back home to Ann Arbor and as far as my fitness routine goes there are no planned practices or required workouts for the first time in 15+ years. I’ve quickly learned how liberating it is to do your own workouts at any time of the day, but that also means I have to hold myself accountable. It’s definitely an adjustment, but manageable. Working here at Imagine has been the perfect fit for me as I figure out what I want to do next, and it’s a great opportunity to continue those healthy habits I’ve created. In the meantime, you’ll find me here at the front desk of Imagine, in the gym, trying new recipes in the kitchen, running trails around Ann Arbor while it’s still nice out, and occasionally at the rink catching some ice time for myself or coaching!