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John’s Corner: “Consistently, Persistently Fun,” with Farah and Kathleen

By April 1, 2019April 10th, 2019No Comments

Hi, everyone! In my last “Corner,” I made a few suggestions on how to get started leading a fit lifestyle. One of my most important recommendations was to be consistent and persistent.

So this time around I decided to talk to two more recent additions to the Imagine family who’ve been doing an amazing job being both consistent and persistent. Farah R. and Kathleen F. have been members for about two months, and they’ve each been working out three or four times a week and trying a variety of classes. (You may have noticed that Farah and I share a name, though “Farah” is my family name. “Farah” in Arabic means joy or happiness and is popular in many eastern and middle-eastern cultures.)

What’s the secret to their success? Had they always been this dedicated to exercising, or was this a new habit? I decided to find out. Each of them was kind enough to talk to me and allow me to feature their answers here.

Farah R.

John: I see you working out at Imagine several times a week, what motivates you?

Farah: I had to make a change. My dad is diabetic. I’ve also had to deal with bouts of depression, and over time I gained weight. Imagine has been a good fit for me. People are friendly and supportive, and I’m not intimidated.

John: A couple of days ago I saw you at 6a.m. in a cycling class and I heard you say that you’re not a morning person, yet you were there. How did you do it?

Farah: I told Caren I’d be there. She was subbing for Jackie, and I didn’t want to let her down.

John: I’m really impressed by your dedication. You really look like you’re having fun.

Farah: I’m enjoying every minute, and I feel like I’m making progress.

Kathleen F.

John: I’m impressed that you’re participating in so many different classes, you must like the challenge.

Kathleen: You know in many ways I’m surprising myself too. I’ve never done this before. In fact, in the past I usually went to a place two or three times and then I quit. Here, at Imagine, I feel comfortable, everyone is helpful and supportive. I just feel I fit well here. Even my family is surprised that I’ve been spending so much time here.

John: That’s awesome!

Kathleen: I’m starting to feel stronger in the short time I have been here. I honestly believe in Imagine I’ve found a gem. It’s the best-kept secret in Ann Arbor.


Well, let’s not get crazy here, Kathleen.

In my last “Corner,” I didn’t just talk about the importance of being consistent – I also said it was important to have fun. Farah and Kathleen are doing just that by mixing things up and benefiting from the outcome too.

Speaking of fun – Imagine members, here’s a very fun way you can help us make sure Imagine doesn’t stay the best-kept secret in Ann Arbor.

We’ll give each new person you introduce to Imagine three free days of classes and use of our facilities. Not only that, for each person you successfully refer for our three-day program, we’ll enter your name in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to a Main Street Ventures Restaurant.

Talk to anyone at the front desk, and they’ll fill you in on exactly how it works.

Thanks everyone, and see you soon at Imagine!