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Bare Bones Fitness & Yoga – With John Farah

By January 18, 2016April 10th, 2019No Comments

Bare Bones Fitness & Yoga

A note from your instructor:

“You all have known me for many years. You know I am passionate about staying fit. Why? Because it makes me feel good, more upbeat and positive. Being fit is a lifestyle I have chosen. It helps me maintain flexibility, strength and balance. Flexibility, strength and balance are always extremely important, and as we age, maintaining these becomes even more critical. People fall and get injured, sometimes severely, because they lack balance. Our muscles atrophy and deteriorate over time and our flexibility also suffers. I do not have a magical pill to help you and it will not just happen on its own, BUT I have ways to improve it all and minimize the decline.

Yes, we will need your participation, it will not happen on its own, but you will feel better even after the first 4 weeks.Space is limited, so you need to reserve your spot quickly if you are serious about getting in shape.”

-John Farah