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Live Longer. Live Stronger. Seniors Need Seniors

By April 1, 2021No Comments

I asked Carmo Ribeiro,  our Beginning Tai Chi instructor, to share with us  his new venture in Seniors Helping Seniors®.  Below is the warm, compassionate description shared.

“Many seniors have lived in their current home for decades. Their greatest wish is to remain in the place where they have cherished memories, their personal belongings, and a sense of security. They take pride in their independence and in maintaining the life they have always lived.

In 1998 the Seniors Helping Seniors® organization was founded to provide in-home care service for seniors by seniors with two simple ideas:

  • Seniors can help each other age more happily and gracefully.
  • Seniors who give, and those who receive, benefit equally.

Seniors Helping Seniors® creates a peer-to-peer connection that allows seniors the opportunity to give back to their community by matching seniors who need a hand with mature, active women and/or men who have a passion for helping others, often establishing long-lasting relationships. Seniors who need a little help receive care from someone whom they can trust and fell comfortable with.  Our organization is made up of caring and compassionate senior caregivers who are committed to bringing love into the lives of seniors with dignity and respect. Seniors Helping Seniors® offers a way a way to give and receive®.

Carmo Ribeiro is from Brazil and has lived half of his life in Ann Arbor MI.   After decades working in American corporations in process development and innovation, he jumped out of his comfort zone and has joined a franchise organization called Seniors Helping Seniors® .  Carmo loves to exercise and got involved with Tai-Chi when Imagine opened the doors to the public. “For me Tai-chi is an evolving process that never ends. It helps me with balance, strength, meditation and turn off the busy day into a personal moment while practicing”.  Carmo has a PhD in Philosophy from EMU, and is a proud grandpa who loves his family.

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