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What brought you into Imagine?

I got the postcard in the mail about Imagine’s special, 2 weeks for $20. I remember it was the 2015 Thanksgiving break from U-M and getting colder outside so I was looking for anew gym. I had mostly been running after leaving my previous gym due to an injury I sustained there. I visited Imagine nearly everyday that first week and got hooked.

What do you enjoy most about Imagine?

No doubt it’s the people. The workouts are great, but in addition to exercise that is appropriate for my aging body, the people – staff/trainers/instructors, and fellow members – all shared their experiences, gave input and feedback on how to get the most out of an activity, and simply reached out to embrace newcomers into the Imagine community. If you don’t want feedback and input, you won’t get it. You will, however, get a warm, smiling face and an extended hand introducing him or herself to you.

Have you achieved any health and fitness goals working out at Imagine?

I’ve absolutely gotten much stronger from the weightlifting. I’ve also learned to push myself to do some exercise regularly—daily, if possible. Further, I now appreciate the benefits of diversifying my workout routines. It’s important to fit in the stretching from yoga for strengthening and flexibility, weightlifting for building bone density and strength, and cardio for fitness.

What inspires you, what quote and or mantra do you live by?

People who make health and fitness a priority in their lives inspire me; many of them are members of the Imagine community. Quotes that immediately come to mind that I use as inspiration are “A hard body is good to find” and “Just do it.”

Gloria and trainer, Jeff Barnett pictured above.