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My Fitness Journey – Natalie Peterson

My name is Natalie Peterson and I am the Marketing Director at Imagine Fitness & Yoga. I also teach Yoga and Circuit training classes. You will also find me leading 1-1 personal training and Yoga sessions and the Free Monthly Nutrition Workshop alongside Jackie Farah. My fitness journey began 25 years ago when I was on my first sports…

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Steel Cut, Rolled, or Quick Oats?

  You’ve seen them on the shelves, in recipes and on the breakfast table. But what is the real difference between these different kinds of oats? Is one healthier than the other? The key difference is in the amount of processing that has been done to each. Steel-cut oats are cut from the whole oat groat (also known as…

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Superfoods Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Vitamins & Minerals Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential in small amounts to our diet. Minerals are also essential and critical to our diets in the same way that vitamins are. They are critical to physiological functioning of our bodies. When they are absent from our diet, many side effects can occur as a result of deficiency. Vitamins…

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