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I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Jeff’s circuit class at least a couple hundred times and it’s rarely the same thing twice. Jeff draws on a lifetime of physical fitness experiences to create a circuit that is both diverse and tailored to the specific needs of class participants. His unquestionable knowledge combined with spirited social interaction create an environment that is uniquely motivational and entertaining. In short, Jeff is an expert in his field and he makes working out fun.
– BJ

I am so happy that I tried working out at Imagine… I have learned so much more about fitness in the last two weeks than I have in the last twenty years. I am looking forward to this next chapter in life. I have never felt more confident that I can enjoy the process of getting in shape and making a difference in my quality of life. Wow.
– Robyn

Imagine Fitness has become my home away from home. When Imagine first opened two and a half years ago I thought that I would try a beginner’s yoga class knowing full well that I wouldn’t last more than one session. Sam Lieberman changed all of that for me. With her love of yoga and her patience with me, I have gained much more than I ever imagined. Over the last two years I have added a second yoga class with Marty Betts, two circuit training classes with Margo Hosford and recently another yoga class with Sam. Classes can be hard at times but when your teachers make you smile it’s not so bad. I love my teachers and the welcoming staff at Imagine and all the classmates that have joined. They have all created an environment where you can not only improve your physical and mental well-being but become part of an extended family. Ten Stars to Imagine.
– Heinz

Imagine Fitness and Yoga has been a great place for me to learn about yoga. I was looking for an intro class that would fit into my schedule and I found the perfect class with John on Monday mornings. John has been great at encouraging a beginner with zero flexibility and also pushing me to improve. My flexibility has increased which has helped my chronic back problems and helped prevent injuries with my other workouts. I highly recommend Imagine and, in particular, John’s Strength, Stretch and Flexibility class.
– Rick