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Personal Training

At Imagine Fitness and Yoga we are dedicated to helping all of our clients get fit! Spending time in one on one sessions is a great way not only to get started but to work on specific goals.

personal training services
Personal Training

Offered in both private and duet sessions, one on one training with one of our expert instructors will guide you with your personal goals. Whether you are learning something new, fine tuning particular movements or trying to improve your overall workouts, schedule time for personal training, offered in yoga and pilates.

Reformer Training is now available at Imagine for your personal benefit. The Reformer is built as a rectangular frame with a flat platform on it which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. One end of the reformer attaches to a set of springs which are adjusted to offer varying levels of resistance. Your own body weight and adjustment of the springs customize the strength training for each individual, working all parts and movement of the body. Reformer Pilates conditions the whole body, with modifications to the exercises to allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced.