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Nutrition Services

Kari Grumeretz, is a compassionate nutritionist who utilizes functional nutrition to support those through the healthy aging process. In her practice, she focuses on weight gain or loss, joint pain, difficulty sleeping, and changes in energy with nutrition and lifestyle changes. If you struggle in one or more of these areas, Kari can help.

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Kari Grumeretz, Nutrition Services
Who she is:

Kari lives in Ann Arbor with her husband Paul and their adorable dog Remmy. She has her undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University, a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the Unversity of Western States in Portland, OR, and a graduate certificate in Health Education from Eastern Michigan University. She loves reading, cooking, gardening, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

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“Aging is a normal process, but not feeling like yourself, having feelings of frustration, exhaustion and pain doesn’t need to be part of it. I formed Nutrition from the Ground Up to provide clients with the information, resources, and guidance they need to feel good as they age”.